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We offer an array of products and services dependent upon your organisation's needs and objectives.

The very nature of the 'in' offer is that we build tailor-made solutions for each individual client and project.

Please note: For confidential reasons we do not display copies of our clients’ WizKit on this website.
To answer your specific questions or demo the WizKits built for our clients book now to arrange a time for us to call you.


Presentation and communication systems

WizKit for Brand Compliance

Improve brand application and simplify the creation of presentations and documents.
Automatic Brand Checkers for checking and correcting the users own content, plus a suite of a dozen other
custom branded tools. Also, any range of branded templates, image libraries, chart theme, text themes, guides etc.

For Office 2007 to 2016 & 365 (PowerPoint and/or Word, Excel)
For further details about our WizKit systems click here.


WizKit for Sales

Simplifies the creation of presentations and documents, hosts all sales material. All stored/displayed inside
MS Office, where they are used and belong. Always usable 24/7, on/offline and always there, updated daily.

For Office 2007 to 2016 & 365 (PowerPoint and/or Word, Excel)
For further details about our WizKit systems click here.


WizKit for Brand Compliance and Sales

Blending both of the options shown above, into one easy to use package.

For Office 2007 to 2016 & 365 (PowerPoint and/or Word, Excel)
For further details about our WizKit systems click here.


WizKit as an MS Office front end for third party CMS (content management systems)

This provides more detailed help to the end users when working in Office. E.g. automatic Brand Checkers
for checking and correcting the users own content, plus a suite of a dozen other custom branded tools,
templates, image libraries, guides etc.

Update Old Presentation tools, to the company's existing main content management system.
For Office 2007 to 2016 & 365 (PowerPoint and/or Word, Excel)
For further details about our WizKit systems click here.


WizKit for OneDrive (or similar cloud system)

This is a complete system containing Office ribbons, templates, tools branded for you, which can be stored/deployed,
on a OneDrive or similar, and installed/loaded without Admin rights by the user, accessible/useable on all platforms.

For Office 2007 to 2016 & 365 (PowerPoint and/or Word, Excel)
For further details about our WizKit systems click here.

Templates, custom tools and consultancy services

Microsoft PowerPoint templates

We have decades of specialised experience in building branded PowerPoint templates, for many of the world's leading companies, directly or in collaboration with branding agencies. This experience ensures that we can deliver templates that are easy to use, give the brand expression you want, whilst still being technically suitable for use within large corporate environments and worldwide deployment.

The way in which a template is built will have a massive effect on the amount of time and work required to build an on-brand presentation, also the level of ongoing usability problems and bugs.

Our templates are tried and tested, with a proven track record of delivering results, year-on-year for millions of worldwide users.



Microsoft Office templates

We create a range of templates to reflect your brand identity. Each template automatically incorporates your logotype, symbol, font, brand colours and layout for each individual piece of stationery from letterhead to presentations. 


Automated template systems and wizards

This is a piece of software small enough to e-mail. It enables each individual user to type in their own personalised information and then automatically creates a range of specific stationery templates. This product is particularly helpful for a large global organisation with numerous different addresses and telephone numbers.


WizKit Lock & Track regulatory tool for PowerPoint

The WizKit Lock & Track Regulatory tool is designed for companies that must adhere to regulatory controls on product or service information within presentations.
It is designed to give an authorised user in PowerPoint the ability to lock presentational elements such as text, charts, diagrams, slides or whole presentations, preventing other employees from changing the product or service descriptions, but leaving the rest of the PowerPoint document unlocked.

Allowing a company's client facing employees to pull together a client proposal or presentation tailored to the clients requirements, without the possibility of changing any regulatory text.



‘in’ provides consulting services in branding and communication software solutions from the outset - from the initial meeting until the project is completed. Our advice is driven by your organisation’s needs and will vary from client to client and project to project.


On-line identity guideline

The identity toolkits we create for clients are invaluable in terms of saving time, effort and money. Not only are these toolkits identity guidelines in themselves, they also provide downloadable templates for a whole host of brand applications as well as downloadable logotypes, symbols, fonts, brand colours and images in various formats. There is no excuse for producing ‘off-brand’ material.


Identity elements conversion/development for different media

Communicating a brand identity through a range of different media can be difficult and time consuming. How can you make sure your brand elements such as logotype, symbol, font and colour translate consistently to print, PowerPoint and the web? We translate and / or convert all your brand elements into formats for use in a range of media. We then make the different formats downloadable at the touch of a keypad and/or install them onto the on-line identity toolkit.


Multimedia company credentials 

Gone are the days of people frantically searching for the company history or client list - for this case study, that client testimonial or that image. Now you can have all the information in one presentation programme - a presentation that each user can adapt to suit his or her client simply by adding or deleting relevant information. What’s more - you can now be confident that every element of the presentation, from logotypes and images to music and colour, will always consistently communicate and reinforce brand identity.


Image bank

Imagine the time and money your company could save if it had its own image bank: a bank filled with images that have been pre-screened and approved as ‘on-brand’, images whose usage rights have been pre-negotiated. We scan a range of images for use in different media and make them all downloadable from your on-line identity toolkit.


E-MASS - knowledge harmonized™

At last - a comprehensive library / archive of corporate knowledge - knowledge that can and should be shared to help individuals present a relevant and united voice for your organisation. E-MASS sources, gathers, articulates and harmonises various pieces of fragmented knowledge and information from individuals, departments and company files. The result - a cohesive collection of experiences, case histories, ideas, visions, blueprints for action - the list is endless and depends on the extent to which you want to take the product.






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